One of LHCDC’s blighted properties. LHCDC owned and managed about two-thirds of the affordable housing units in the city of Lompoc. Who was paying attention to how LHCDC managed its properties? Apparently, almost no one.

From the Santa Barbara County Grand Jury Report, June 13, 2012:

“The most immediate victims of the fall of LHCDC are the homeless who were thrown out of the shelters, the low-income tenants whose homes are in disrepair, and the residents of Lompoc who have to suffer the resulting blight.  Taxpayers are also victims.”  …

“In the end, neither the interests of the people in need of low-income housing nor the interests of the taxpayers were served by agencies exercising discretion in the enforcement of regulations.  If attention had been paid and LHCDC had been forced to better manage its affairs in a timely fashion, low-income renters in Lompoc would have been much better served, and taxpayers would have been saved millions.”

Read the full report here: “A Failure of Oversight: Lompoc Housing and Community Development Corporation

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One response to “LHCDC”

  1. Pam Wall says :

    Any more reports coming down the pike on LHCDC? Perhaps you could post the report from Urban Futures here too.

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