About CityBeat-Lompoc

It all begins at home.  All the things we like and don’t like on the national stage happen locally, on a smaller scale. As the saying goes: Think globally, act locally.

The first step is staying informed. Learning what’s happening right here, in our own corner of the world called Lompoc. Looking beyond the surface. Digging a little deeper. Asking questions. Critical thinking with a healthy dose of skepticism. 

That’s what CityBeat-Lompoc is about … information, knowledge, and serious journalism with a touch of humor every now and then.

Carol Benham

Carol Benham moved to Lompoc with her family in 1958 when Vandenberg Air Force Base
was still Camp Cooke 
and Lompoc boasted all of 5,000 people.
After graduating from Lompoc High School, Benham left her adopted home town for college and a career in Sacramento, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. She returned to Lompoc in 2000.


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