Archive | June 2012

Council questions uproot Treegate

Let’s talk about some lessons from Treegate. In January, the city abruptly and without public notice paid contractors to remove nine Canary Island palm trees located on four blocks of East Laurel Avenue. When two Lompoc residents complained about the trees being removed and the visibly blighted area the removal of the trees now exposed, […]

Bad habits hard to break in city

Lompoc Valley motorsports supporters are off to a good start. Their wishes were granted with a 5-0 vote of the City Council to ask city staff to proceed with an in-depth analysis of the hurdles and costs facing the proposed drag strip and off-road vehicle complex next to the Lompoc Airport. The sponsoring group of […]

Panel interjects common sense into bizarre planning process

With a unanimous vote, our city’s Planning Commission just interjected some common sense into the City Council’s months-long, bizarre, upside-down approach to updating its General Plan. For many months, operating on an accelerated schedule to fast track results, the City Council has chosen to take on the much-delayed update to the General Plan by ignoring […]