Record’s story was proper journalism

On Sunday, Oct. 7, the Lompoc Record published an article about a candidate for city council who paid his property taxes about a year late. (“Council candidate late on property taxes”) Readers who posted on the paper’s Web site blasted the Record for publishing the article, not because it was inaccurate or false, but because it […]

Kerplunk: City approves funds to help EEG write business plan for space center

Kerplunk! That’s the sound of the first drop of city funds into the Environmental Education Group’s (EEG) proposal to pick up where others have failed and build a space complex that will bring millions if not billions of dollars into city coffers. The first money drip occurred Tuesday, July 3, when the City Council voted […]

Council questions uproot Treegate

Let’s talk about some lessons from Treegate. In January, the city abruptly and without public notice paid contractors to remove nine Canary Island palm trees located on four blocks of East Laurel Avenue. When two Lompoc residents complained about the trees being removed and the visibly blighted area the removal of the trees now exposed, […]

Bad habits hard to break in city

Lompoc Valley motorsports supporters are off to a good start. Their wishes were granted with a 5-0 vote of the City Council to ask city staff to proceed with an in-depth analysis of the hurdles and costs facing the proposed drag strip and off-road vehicle complex next to the Lompoc Airport. The sponsoring group of […]

Panel interjects common sense into bizarre planning process

With a unanimous vote, our city’s Planning Commission just interjected some common sense into the City Council’s months-long, bizarre, upside-down approach to updating its General Plan. For many months, operating on an accelerated schedule to fast track results, the City Council has chosen to take on the much-delayed update to the General Plan by ignoring […]

City must pay U.S. Treasury $140,000 for one LHCDC loan

It’s official: The city of Lompoc is now on the hook to return $140,322 from city funds to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for one longstanding noncompliant loan to Lompoc Housing and Community Development (LHCDC). The city received the official notification on April 5 that it must repay the loan given […]

DenMat: A leap in the right direction

DenMat’s relocation from Santa Maria to Lompoc is one of the best pieces of news Lompoc has received in quite awhile. The dental products firm employs about 350 people and outgrew its facilities in Santa Maria. It has plans to expand after it completes its relocation to a West Central Avenue location. Current plans call […]

When spin wins, public loses

We are now firmly ensconced in, as someone else aptly termed it, the political silly season. Personally I think the adjective “silly” is far too innocuous. The dictionary defines “silly”  as “having or showing a lack of common sense or judgment; absurd and foolish,” and “used to convey that an activity or process has been engaged […]

Linn’s conflict of interest goes unquestioned

Something happened in City Council chambers Tuesday evening, May 15, that many, if not most, people failed to comprehend fully. As Mayor John Linn introduced item #9, the first meaty item on the night’s agenda, he let it be known that he would need to recuse himself during discussions regarding proposed changes to the city’s […]

Lax oversight or pressure to look the other way? Grand Jury must investigate LHCDC

After more than 16 months of researching Lompoc Housing and Community Development Corp. — its missing audits, its deteriorating, unsanitary housing for low-income residents and its failure to abide by regulations governing the use of public funds — I’ve come to the conclusion that only the Santa Barbara County Grand Jury can thoroughly investigate the […]